A downloadable game for Windows

It IS possible, just really, REALLY unfair.

This is yet another game I made by following the GameDev.tv Udemy
course, "Learn to Code by Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer".
It's a great course, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to learn C#.

This one is a very simple Arkanoid-clone with a slight twist- the ball has an energy conservation level of 100.5%, meaning every time it bounces, it gets 0.5% faster. Add this to the fact that one loss means you have to start the whole game over, and this becomes probably one of the hardest Arkanoid-clones ever, even though there's only 5 levels.

Fonts can be found here:




Music is courtesy of Over Clocked Remix- This artist and track, specifically:


(it's a remix of a song from Arkanoid. Because I think I'm clever.)

Install instructions

Just extract the .exe and data folder into the same file directory and open the .exe to run the game.


BricksOfRage.zip 13 MB

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